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2018 Archival Silver Gelatin Print | 18x13 cm.

In trying to learn how to play a new instrument, online video clips of masterful pianists had become one of my beloved resources. Mostly during the after-hours, I sat back in my darkened room and indulged myself in these recordings. A cadence of compulsive gestures and agile tentacles that move from tension to release, and from release back to tension again. And at times, I found myself wondering about the substance of light that radiates from the screen, and the ways in which it casts another image out of me.

Variations on a Theme explores the idea of portraiture in relation to looped musical time and its symbolic accumulation as unrepeatable images formed on the photochemical surface by direct exposure to electronic light.


This piece appeared as part of a larger project titled "Distant Points Of Interest (Within Close Range)" realized together with Sinem Dişli for "Large Meadow Exhibitions" organized by Norgunk.

Installation View

Large Meadow Exhibitions

2018, Ariel Sanat

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