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TR, 1981

Ege Kanar received his undergraduate degree from Sabancı University, Visual Arts and Communication Design Program (Istanbul, 2004). He was awarded his graduate degree in Photography at F.A.M.U. Academy of Performing Arts (Prague, 2008).


In his practice, Kanar tackles photographic images from an ontological standpoint and scrutinizes the intermediary role of photographs within various scientific and cultural contexts. His recent projects that incorporate sound, video, and installations, deal with notions of rhythm, scale, and materiality.


Kanar’s past solo shows include “Apparatus” (Versus Art Project, Istanbul, 2019) and  “Hammer for Scale” (poşe, Istanbul, 2018). Some of the recent group shows he has participated in, are “Sound is the Silence of the Image” (Fabrikraum, Vienna, 2022), “Workaround” (F.A.K., Münster, 2021), “Past Present Istanbul” (Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Istanbul, 2021), and “Tempo Incognito” (Depo, Istanbul, 2021). He was an artist in residence at SAHA Studio (Istanbul, January-September 2021), and Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart, April-October 2023)


Alongside his artistic practice, Kanar has taught part-time at Bahçeşehir University Photography and Video Department (2016-2020, Istanbul). He resides in Istanbul, Turkey.


Versus Art Project

Gazeteci Erol Dernek Sokak No:11/3

Beyoğlu, Istanbul - Turkey



2019 - Apparatus

            Versus Art Project, Istanbul


2018 - Hammer For Scale  

            poşe, Istanbul


2021 - Workaround 

            Curated by Pınar Asan

            FAK, Münster            


2024 - The Hunter of Thyself

            Curated by Oğuz Karakütük

            Versus Art Project, Istanbul

2023 - The Age of Fire

            Curated by Can Akgümüş

            Çankaya Mun. C.A.C., Ankara

2022 - Metamorphosis and Metaphors

            Curated by Christian Oxenius

            Ark Kültür, Istanbul

2021 - Sound is the Silence of the Image

            Curated by Fatih Aydoğdu

            Fabrikraum, Vienna

2021 - SAHA Open Studio

            SAHA Studio, Istanbul

2021 - Past.Present.Istanbul

            Curated by Murat Germen

            Sabancı Museum, Istanbul

2021 - Tempo Incognito

            Curated by Rana Öztürk

            Depo, Istanbul

2020 - Scale

            Curated by Ezgi Bakçay

            Versus Art Project, Istanbul

2020 - Crystal Chateau

            Curated by Can Akgümüş

            Evliyagil Museum, Ankara

2020 - Photography in Days of Pandemic

            Curated by Demet Yıldız

            Istanbul Modern Museum, Online

2019 - Protect Me From What I Want

            Curated by Eda Yiğit & Ezgi Bakçay

            Artist - TÜYAP, Istanbul


2019 - Lens ‘19: Things Seen

            Curated by Sena Çakırkaya

            Mixer, Istanbul

2019 - Galip Project: Ayn-ı Galip

            Organized by Eda Emirdağ

            Pasaj, Istanbul


2018 - Large Meadow

            Organized by Norgunk

            Ariel Sanat, Istanbul


2018 - Distortion

            Curated by Jochen Proehl

            Milli Reasürans Art Gallery, Istanbul


2018 - Latest Edition II

            Curated by Volkan Kızıltunç

            Daire Sanat, Istanbul


2018 - Monomyth: Nev Nesil '18

            Curated by Deniz Artun

            Galeri Nev, Ankara

2016 - Les Glaneurs et Les Glaneuses

            Curated by Ezgi Bakçay & Selim Süme

            Versus Art Project, Istanbul


2016 - Aralık 2

            Toz Artist Run Space, Istanbul


2015 - Drawing Thoughts

            Curated by Sevim Sancaktar

            C.A.M. Gallery, Istanbul


2015 - Reunion

            Curated by Derya Yücel

            Sabancı Museum, Istanbul

2014 - Everyone Could Be A Sculptor One Day

            Curated by Zeynep Öz

            El Hamra Han, Istanbul


2014 - Small

            Bant Mag. Mekan, Istanbul


2014 - Focus: Turkey

            Curated by Sena Çakırkaya

            Landskrona Foto, Landskrona


2013 - Close Quarters

            Curated by Sena Çakırkaya

            Istanbul Modern Museum, Istanbul


2012 - Similarity in Some Respects

            44A Art Gallery, Istanbul


2012 - U.F.G. 8

            Uludağ University, Bursa


2011 - Newcomers IV

            Edisyon, Istanbul


2010 - 10 Years at Kasa

            Kasa Gallery, Istanbul


2008 - M.A. GraduatIon ExhibItion

            Gallery A.M.U., Prague


2008 - U.F.G. 5

            Uludağ University, Bursa


2007 - Young Talents in Turkish Photography V.04

            Various Cities (Turkey)


2007 - Reality in Contrast

            Curated by Alex Wong

            Limkokwing University, Kuala Lumpur


2006 - City: Chaos & Magic

            Curated by Murat Germen

            1st Int. Biennial of Photography, Istanbul


2006 - 66

            Gallery Velryba, Prague


2005 - Hidden / Trace

            Curated by Murat Germen

            Kasa Gallery, Istanbul


2024 - Photo London

            w/ Versus Art Project, London


2022 - Photo Basel

            w/ Versus Art Project, Basel


2022 - Photo London

            w/ Versus Art Project, London


2022 - Art Weeks Akaretler VI

            w/ Versus Art Project, Istanbul


2020 - London Art Fair

            w/ Versus Art Project, London


2020 - Photo Basel Virtual Edition

            w/ Versus Art Project, Online Exhibition

2016 - Contemporary Istanbul

            w/ Art On, Istanbul


2023 - Akademie Schloss Solitude

            April 11 - September 30, Stuttgart

2021 - SAHA Studio

            January 15 - October 15, Istanbul



2019 - Işığın Çapraz Geldiği Saat

            Artist Book, Istanbul


2018 - Hammer For Scale

            Artist Book, Istanbul


2017 - Aralık 2

            Collaborative Artist Book, Istanbul


2016 - Retouch

            Artist Book Dummy, Istanbul

2008 - Nobody Does Anything Anywhere

            Artist Book Dummy, Prague



2018 - Hum

            Audio Performance with Arda Ertem

            Long Thursday

            Salt Galata, Istanbul

2017 - Hum 

            Audio Performance with Arda Ertem

            Tekrar ∞ Döngü by HER HÂL

            Salt Galata, Istanbul


2021 - Exhibiting & Preserving an Installation

            Artist Talk with Osman Serhat Karaman

            Sabancı Museum, Istanbul

2021 - Le Témoin Silencieux

            Lecture with Orhan Cem Çetin

            Open Seminar, Online

2021 - Looking at the Archive: Context to Form

            Artist Talk

            ESOGU Design Days, Online

2020 - On "Scale" Exhibition 

            Collective Artist Talk with Ezgi Bakçay

            Versus Art Project, Istanbul

2019 - On "Apparatus"

            Artist Talk with Ezgi Bakçay

            Versus Art Project, Istanbul

2018 - Balcony Talk

            Artist Talk with Selim Süme

            poşe, Istanbul


2018 - On "Hammer for Scale"

            Artist Talk with Natasha Christia

            Salt Galata, Istanbul


2018 - Muğlak Sınırlar

            Artist Talk with Yasemin Özcan

            Geniş Açı Project Office, Depo, Istanbul


2018 - Variations On Archive

            Artist Talk

            Nida Int. Photography Symposium

            Nida, Lithuania


2018 - Distant Points Of Interest

            Artist Talk with Sinem Dişli

            Ariel Sanat, Istanbul

2017 - Self-Publishing As A Claim To Autonomy

            Lecture with Sinem Dişli

            Nida Int. Photography Symposium

            Nida, Lithuania


2017 - Bak Sana Ne Getirdim: Arles Seçkisi

            Talk with S. Dişli, Z. Kayan, Ö. Atlagan

            KA Fotograf Geliştirme Atölyesi, Ankara


2016 - Memories of an Elsewhere

            Artist Talk (8. Fotograf Buluşmaları)

            Galata Fotografhanesi, Istanbul


2015 - Reunion Talk Series

            Artist Talk with Cemre Yeşil & Pınar Asan

            Sabancı Museum, Istanbul


2012 - Photography as Physical Object

            Lecture (4. Fotograf Buluşmaları)

            Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul


2011 - I Know Where I Don't Know When

            Artist Talk (3. Fotograf Buluşmaları)

            Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul




2019 - Ayn-ı Galip Project, Darkroom Workshop

            Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul


2018 - Portrait

            Artist Workshop with Selim Süme

            Pera Museum, Istanbul


2017- Çekmeden Fotoğraf

           Collective Mentorship Program

           GAPO, Salt Ulus, Ankara


2016- Senin Kopyan Hangisi?

           Collective Mentorship Program

           GAPO, Salt Galata, Istanbul


2015 - Gülümseyin Çekiyorum!

            Artist Workshop

            Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul



2011 - Elsewhere

            Mobility & Fantasy in Visual Culture

            Symposium organized by Lewis Johnson

            Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul




2020 - Lecturer

            Photography & Video Department

            Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul


2009 - Research Assistant

            Photography & Video Department

            Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul



2019 - Fotohof Vienna, Austria


2018 - BAS Collection, Turkey


2018 - F. Furnace Artists' Books Collection, USA


2018 - Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland


2013 - Istanbul Modern Museum, Turkey

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