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2006-08 | Archival Inkjet Print | 27x10 cm.

In 2006, I pocketed a torn pack of rolling paper that was left on a bar table in Prague. Handwritten on one of its faces, was a sentence in Czech that would later be borrowed as the title of this piece: Nobody Does Anything Anywhere


Having bought a Mini DV camera at around the same period, I was filming everyday encounters in this foreign city I had just moved to. Perhaps to compensate for the loss my voluntary displacement has induced, I was also keeping a record of all the text messages sent to me by friends and acquaintances alike.


In putting these two collections together, my urge was to find out how these personal images captured from the camera screen would be infused by the supposedly ephemeral text messages, and what kind of a narrative would be born out of this crosstalk. 


This piece was adapted as the artwork for a Change Of Plans EP released in 2006 with the same title.

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