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2012 Silver Gelatin Print On Glass 30x20 cm.

For Death must be somewhere in a society; if it is no longer (or less intensely) in religion, it must be elsewhere; perhaps in this image which produces Death while trying to preserve life.


Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida


Can photography generate a third state, an uncanny visual metaphor that exists beyond dualities such as visible and invisible, present and absent?


This work deals with the burden of mortality and the unimaginable state of death by embracing materials, codes, and conventions associated with photographic portraiture of the late 19th century.


This piece appeared at the end of a long term theoretical seminar led by Ahmet Elhan at Gallery 44A.

Installation View

Similarity In Some Respects

2012, 44A Art Gallery

Installation View


2015, Sabancı Museum

Image Credit: Murat Germen

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